Miracle Zen Garden - Bio Protector & Relief for Atopic Skin Mareste

Miracle Zen Garden - Bio Protector & Relief for Atopic Skin


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  • ACTION Composition Organic Essential BIO-PROTECTOR is an ally of the owner atopic skin. Essential work antibacterial and toning and pielÄgnacyjnie. Quieten and soothe irritated skin while satisfying its deficiency in essential substances that cleanse, restore, and enhance the system become resistant autoimmune skin. Organic essential composition eliminates unwanted toxins and dysfunctions atopic skin predisposed to eczema, chronic disease, which makes the skin dry, itchy, flaky and reddened. The protective barrier of the skin of atopic gains momentum, and the underlying layer of the skin are less susceptible to infection. Consistent care of BIO-protector protects the skin and relieves the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. PROPERTIES It soothes irritation and skin damage Cleanses, curatively moisturizes and strengthens the skin's resistance Antibacterial and toning Eliminates toxins and dysfunctions of the skin prone to allergies prone to eczema USE BIO-PROTECTOR FOR ATOPIC SKIN can be used alone as a serum or cream as an additive to strengthen its nourishing properties and nutrients, as well as oil lymphatic facial massage. Serum can be used at night, a day, every day "a la long" or as a temporary treatment. FOR WHOM Atopic skin prone to allergies, irritation and flaking. Organic essential oil can be used without age restrictions, also by pregnant women, throughout the year.