Fard de pleoape - Tip-Top 151 Kallisto Mareste

Fard de pleoape - Tip-Top 151 Kallisto


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Use triple color eye shadow TIP-TOP to create a stunning look, showcase the beauty of your eyes and give your makeup a dramatic accent. When putting on makeup make sure to pay special attention to the eyes. Properly selected colors are instrumental in creating the perfect eye shape and size.Lighter shadow â start your eye makeup with the lightest shade applied on the entire lid as a base for the remaining shades. Intermediate shadow â is vital for blending shades: helps combine remaining shades, to ensure harmonious and coordinated color build-up. Darker shadow is the most exciting and fascinating. Highlights and energizes your makeup look.Ingredients:â pure mica â a transparent mineral of the silicate group enables smooth application and easy blending of colors on the lid â zinc stearate â enhances mass adhesion, minimizes flaking â nylon â guarantees that the pressed pigment is blended swiftly and evenly, allowing the shade to build lightly for dramatic color â silicone emollients â reduce the feeling of stickiness, hold well on skin, do not oxidize and ensure extremely long lasting color


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Fard de pleoape - Tip-Top 151 Kallisto

Fard de pleoape - Tip-Top 151 Kallisto